5 Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

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You have decided to list your home for sale. Did you know that your home just became a marketable commodity? As such, you will want it to stand out over your competitors. Your competition is the brand new home just built down the street from yours. More competition stands before you as you drive through your neighborhood and see the “for sale” signs in the yard. Real estate inventory is increasing and so is the competition. Are you ready?

If you are preparing to sell your home in the Central Florida real estate market, here are some helpful hints to showcase your home in the best manner possible:

Remove your heavy draperies and window toppers from the windows and let that Florida sun shine in. Potential buyers want to see the beautiful architectural elements of the room. This may include the columns, the chair railing detail, etc.

Pictures are hung at eye level and not collaged, meaning many hung together with no wall space showing. Potential buyers want to see the lovely high ceilings of your house, especially if they have coffered or tray ceilings. Buyers want to see the detail of your fireplace surround. Their eyes want to view the house you’re selling; help them see it.

tilton coffered ceilings

Lighten and brighten – the dark walls and dark furniture together invoke feelings of going inside a cave. Even man caves have judicially applied paint colors resulting in a cohesive space. Home theatres would be an exception.

Remove all the stuff on top of the kitchen cabinets and when was the last time you dusted up here? Do your cabinets need a hair cut from all the fur from your animals? What about that dated wallpaper border? It needs to go too.

There are carpets everywhere. Are you hiding damaged tiles or wood flooring? Remember a potential buyer is viewing the house, not your carpets. They are distracting – no more than two strategically placed carpets will enhance and unify the space.

Conversely, all clutter has been removed to the point of sterility. A few well-placed accessories will invite potential buyers to look at the space. Removing everything makes a space feel cold and uninviting.

Your checklist:
1. Remove draperies and toppers; remove wall border;
2. Hang a few interesting pictures of landscapes or things found in nature;
3. Update paint to a more neutral color to appeal to the majority of home buyers;
4. Declutter and clean, then clean again;
5. Remove carpets unless they’re anchoring a space;

These are just a few important items to tend to when marketing your home. There are others as well, but this is a good beginning. Also, know that “home staging” is the icing on the cake. The items listed above are not all inclusive. Each home is unique and your home staging plan shouldn’t be a checklist.

If you are thinking of selling your home or it has been on the market and you have already suffered price reductions, please contact Foxy Interiors at (407) 715-1737 to turn your house hunters into home buyers.

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