5 Secrets to Decorating

Changing Seasons With Your Home Decor

Transitioning into the new season is relatively easy by making a few simple changes to your home decorations. Many of these things can be found with ease by shopping your home, wandering through your yard or a trail, and some are handmade with your love by following a few steps.

With the first felt crispness in the air, leaves begin changing their colors. We seek out things which remind us of warmth:  fluffy blankets, warm woods, falling pinecones. We think of the variegated leaf colors ~ purple, orange, yellow, green, brown.  

As a central Floridian, October becomes our transitioning time. It’s also the time we arrange to go northerly to see the beautiful colors of the leaves. 

Five Secrets to Update Your Home Decor

Here are five secrets to update your home décor to follow the changing seasons. These five things create the foundation for your seasonal decorations:

  • Soft fluffy blanket
  • Your favorite wooden tray
  • A clear mason jar
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Elements found on a nature walk

Soft Fluffy Blanket

Ella Claire Inspired

Add a soft fluffy throw and store it in a basket. Woven wicker or jute make lovely vessels for blankets. Retrieve it when there’s a chill in the air and you’re cozied up to the fireplace, watching tv or visiting with guests. Trade out your current pillows for those in fall colors. Pillows in plaids or stripes add dimension and pattern to your collection.

Wooden Tray

Wooden trays come in all shapes, sizes, and types of wood. Choose one with an interesting pattern (burl or marquetry). Add a bowl of nuts, sprinkle about a few pine cones, and place your favorite scented candle in the middle. During this time of year, I think of apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin.

Laurie, Soapbox Creations

Mason Jar

Here’s an easy craft you can make with a few items and your love. Choose a spray paint in your favorite fall color. Using 3M® Spray Mount™ Repositionable Adhesive(found at Michael’s), spray the back of a leaf found in your yard or on your nature walk. Position the leaf on your jar with the right side up. (Alternatively, you can use a leaf die, apple die or a shape of your choice). Spray paint your jar. Wait until the paint dries, remove the leaf. It now looks like you stenciled it onto your jar (smiles). Using a thick piece of jute rope, wrap it around the top of the jar a couple times and tie a bow. If you want the jute more secured, use a glue gun and glue the jar before you place the jute on it. Depending on the size of the space where you want to place the jars, you may want to repeat this process. Remember use odd numbers 1, 3, 5 as that is what is most pleasing to the eye when you group objects.

Christopher Shane

Grapevine Wreath

Another craft is using a grapevine wreath. Gather floral wire and either items found on your nature walk (pine straw, pine cones) or small singular picks. These supplies may be found at your local dollar store:  small pumpkins, floral picks. Arrange your wreath decorations by placing them next to your wreath, arrange them in a manner pleasing to your eye. You can make them symmetrical or asymmetrical. Now wire them to the wreath. Add a decorative bow or ribbon to hang if desired.

Collect Items from Nature Walk

For our fifth item we’ll create a table scape with items we found on our nature walk, along with the painted jar(s) we’ve just created. Using an old table cloth, gather it up and make it fluffy; place it loosely onto your table in your foyer or on your kitchen buffet table. You could also make a table centerpiece but reduce the size of the table cloth to a smaller piece of fabric. Arrange your items on top of the cloth. Make sure you add a filled vessel which is tall to add vertical interest. You’ll want to vary the height of your decorations. Keep in mind not to be too tall though if placing it as a dining table centerpiece as you don’t want it to be distracting when you converse at the table.

Happy Fall Y’all – enjoy the change of seasons! The next 6 months are my personal favorite.