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5 Tips for Entryways

When I discovered these 5 tips for entryways, I just had to share them! Sometimes the term “entryway” is interchangeable with “mudroom”. We don’t see a lot of mudrooms in Florida as things get sandy, not muddy, in my home state. I’m going to cover both entryways and mudrooms though as these important spaces are the first thing you see upon entering a home.


Great examples: Check out more pins on Pinterest. Now let’s get down to our 5 Tips for Entryways.

Functional and Ascetically Pleasing Entryways

A welcoming space upon entering a home is very important as it sets the tone for what’s to come. It needs to be functional though:

  • A place to set keys;
  • A place to hang fido’s leash;
  • A place to store a pillow or two along with a blanket throw;
  • A rug at the base to line your shoes upon;
  • A place to hang a backpack so when you or your children dash out the door, they can easily find it.

Cozy and Inviting Mudrooms

You and your guests need a comfortable — at least for a short bit – place to sit and remove their shoes or boots. They need to feel like there’s room to do this. Is it cold? Is the blanket throw readily available for them to reach for and use? Does this area smell good or does it smell like last night’s dinner?

Style and Color for your Entryway

If the color of your entryway or mudroom are painted in muted down pastels and there’s greenery and signs everywhere and screaming farmhouse, but the rest of the house is traditional furniture and elegant decor, your style and color do not match. You’ll want to use compatible furniture pieces and paint colors in all areas of the house. Otherwise, it looks like you missed the mark in your decorating.

Safe to Navigate Entryway

Make sure the space is safe to navigate. This especially holds true if the person arriving has been in slushy snow or rainy roads. For instance, have a chair to sit down on next to your table or bench. A simple carpet runner will aid in the person’s arrival. It’s best to use carpet underlayment so it, too, does not slide all over.

Using Decorative Items

Baskets are always a safe friend whether you’re selling or dwelling. Have at least one empty one available for your guests. Other items you want to display should be grouped in odd numbers 1 – 3 – 5. You’ll want to change up the elevation for eye appeal: Something taller for vertical interest, some type of greenery, a vase and vary their heights.

Embellishment with wall treatments can add a different design aspect. Wall paper, wainscoting, shiplap can also be applied to the wall for added oomph.

I hope these 5 Tips for Entryways have helped you. For more decorating ideas, check out our blog where we offer both tips to dwell or sell. Contact us to learn more about the interior design services we offer.