5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Vintage Signs

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Vintage Signs

how to use vintage signs in home decoration

Bring Pieces of the Past into Your Décor

If you’re searching for something to feature in your décor that’s one-of-a-kind—really, truly one-of-a-kind—look no further than a vintage sign. Each sign has its own brand of patina, rusted spots and worn areas that won’t quite match another sign in the world. And that’s a distinctiveness that makes décor shine.

Authentic, good-condition vintage signs can be found in several places:  Flea markets, Etsy and antique stores will get you on your way.

With the farmhouse trend in high demand, vintage signs can be sometimes expensive. Since a sign is a simple and distinctive way to anchor a space, think of it as an investment purchase, and expect to spend from $40 for small signs to thousands of dollars for rare varieties.

Whatever your budget, diminutive or large, chippy or like-new, a vintage sign is a surefire way to elevate the uniqueness of your home’s décor.

Make It the Focal Point of the Room

using large old signs in home decor

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A vintage sign has this power to be almost the only thing you need to shape a room. If it’s large enough, it’ll be the conversation piece, eliminating the need to fuss or work in other design elements.


Embrace Whimsy and Humor

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It’s fun to hang signs that express a sense of humor in a particular space in your home. Perhaps an arrow can point upwards toward the stairs, or an Exit sign can be hung above the door. In this case, the arrow reminds us to wash our hands.


Use a Sign to Tie Together a Gallery Wall

how to use an old sign on a gallery wall

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Gallery walls are even more noteworthy when they spotlight objects and textures that go beyond basic framed pictures. This is an especially artful gallery wall, and the black and white “Central Ave.” street sign makes it all come together. A vintage sign can be a graphic accent to include in a gallery wall, and it also has text that invites the eye to linger.


Bring Visual Interest to Empty Wall Space

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We all have these random, what do I do with this? wall spaces in our homes that can be total head-scratchers. What can possibly go here? you may think. A vintage sign might end up being exactly what you need. It’s visually-appealing, and many are odd sizes that can fit in unexpected places, like above a landing on your stairs.


Suggest Lightheartedness in a Workspace

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Who says a home office isn’t a place for happy, charming décor? A vintage sign can add a certain breeziness to a workspace, proven here with this “Recommend for Adults” sign that gleefully hangs above the desk.

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