7 Deadly Sins of Staging

7 Deadly Sins of Staging: There are some things you cannot get past in home staging. Choose to ignore them and you’ll suffer with low-ball offers, stay on the market for an eternity, or simply never sell. 

  1. Wallpaper and borders
  2. Dirty, worn, old, stained or smelly carpet and flooring
  3. Too much furniture or not enough
  4. Dead, dusty or dated flowers, silks and plants
  5. Pet paraphernalia
  6. All white walls or too many bold or brightly colored walls 
  7. Clutter, collections and over the top décor

7 Simple Staging Strategies to Combat Them 

  1. Remove wallpaper in all areas and paint neutral tones. Wallpaper tends to be a personal decorating choice and reflects YOUR taste, not your buyer’s. 
  2. Allowances don’t generally work. Replacing carpet and flooring is a must if beyond normal cleaning.
  3. Consider renting a storage unit if necessary. Keep in mind that although your furniture does not stay with the home, it often becomes an objection to the sale if dated, too large (takes up valuable square footage), or not to the style of the buyers. Not enough furniture is also a problem but can be addressed by renting, repurposing or purchase of furniture for key selling spaces. If you purchase new, remember you’ll be taking it with you! 
  4. Get rid of any dead plants, replace with limited live versions and bring the outdoors in. However, there is a good selection of new faux silks and greenery that look real for those without a green thumb. Use these in moderation though!
  5. Remove items daily from high traffic sight and smell. Doggy daycare is highly recommended! Many people are allergic to pets and also the safety of your pets and the people previewing is key. 
  6. White is cold and uninviting. Painting neutral warm beige, honey or taupe in all areas that are either too stark white or too bold translates as move-in ready! 
  7. Pack and store items for your move to the next home. Buyers need to see the house, not the stuff! Good rule of thumb is to keep only items bigger than a cantaloupe for display. CLUTTER EATS EQUITY! 

Thank you for reading 7 Deadly Sins of Staging. I hope you have found this document to be helpful.

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