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What You’re Doing Wrong When You Stage a House

Why Staging Correctly Matters

Staging correctly matters:  If you ignore items in the preparation phase of home staging, you’re likely to sit on the market for an eternity, suffer with low-ball offers, or simply never sell. With two sides to home staging, you’ll want to align both “preparing” and “showcasing” to sell quickly and for top dollar.

Bad Examples of Home Staging

Good Examples of Home Staging


Things You’re Doing Wrong and How to Get it Right When Staging to Sell

Wallpaper:  Leaving up wallpaper and borders. Wallpaper tends to be a personal decorating choice and reflects your taste, not your buyer’s. Remove wallpaper in all areas. Paint using a neutral color. You may also find this blog on the best home staging colors helpful.

Carpet or Flooring: Keeping dirty, worn, old, stained, or smelly carpet and flooring is a quick ticket to buyers asking for concessions. To achieve top dollar, replacing carpet and flooring is a must if it’s beyond normal cleaning.

Furniture: Whether you have too much or not enough is a consideration. When selling your home, the goal is show it’s spaciousness. If your furniture is dated, too large, not to the style of the buyers, it can be a deterrent also. If you have too much, rent a storage unit and keep out only what’s necessary to show how to use the space. If you’re lacking furniture, find pieces to rent. If you buy, take it to your next home.

Plants: Eliminate any dead, dusty silks, or other plants that have seen better days. Replace them with faux silks and greenery that look real. Bringing the outdoors in is always a nice touch.

Pet Paraphernalia: Remove all pet items from the sight of traffic. You want to discourage their sight and smell. Doggy daycare is highly recommended. Many people are allergic to pets. The safety of your pets and the people previewing your home is key. For more tips, check out Staging Tips – What Do I Do With My Pets

Paint Colors: Keeping all white walls or too many bold or brightly colored walls is a sure turn off. White is cold and uninviting. Painting neutral warm beige, honey or taupe in all areas that are either too stark white or too bold translates as move-in ready. Think “paint is money in a can”!

Clutter, Collections and Over the Top Decor: Displaying clutter, collections and over the top décor eats equity. Keep out only those items to be used for staging your house. Pack and store everything else. Buyers need to see house, not the stuff. A good rule of thumb is to keep only items bigger than a cantaloupe for display. 

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