A Juxtaposition of Coastal Home Décor Colors

A Juxtaposition of Coastal Home Décor Colors

Jim and I went on a two-day escapade at Daytona Beach. It was our little get away for Valentine’s Day. We stayed at a hotel which had a juxtaposition of coastal interior colors. Dictionary.com defines juxtaposition as “an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.” The lobby and welcoming areas were soft, subtle, peaceful and relaxing colors. Conversely, our room was painted in multiple vivid colors, very saturated hues, tropical colors.

What colors come to your mind when you plan a beach or island vacation? Generally, you plan a vacation to relax and explore. Let’s discuss the natural elements found in the environment:  Blue sky, blue water, white caps in the ocean, fluffy white clouds, sand, generally neutral tones in the seashells, tan grasses. Simply based on the initial appearance of the lobby, I was not expecting the saturated hues found in the room. Having lived in Florida for 40 years though, I knew different. What then was the source of inspiration for all the vivid brights? In most of the peninsula of Florida you will find a variety of tropical foliage. This may include hibiscus, birds of paradise, plumeria, and several types of palms. There are also many inland plants that are vivid as well intensely colored in red, orange and yellow (all warm colors).  Kind of fitting for Florida, uh?

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Here’s a recap of what you might expect to find in a Florida interior along with its inspirational source:

Neutrals – white (fluffy clouds, ocean wave caps, flowers, seashells, sandpipers, pelicans, sea gulls); beiges (the endless miles of sand, flowing grasses)

Warm Colors – yellow (bright sunshine, flowers, lemons); orange (more bright sunshine, birds of paradise, tangerines); pink/purple/red (stunning sunsets, hibiscus flowers)

Cool Colors – blue (turquoise water of the ocean, sky); green (palm trees, ice plant, key limes)

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Sherwin-Williams has a collection of paint colors that work well together for coastal interiors. Pick one or pick a few but you’ll be in perfect harmony. Also, watch out for the undertones in the paint color. You’ll want to try them out on your walls before you buy in quantity.  The computer screen truly doesn’t capture their essence.

My favorite theme to decorate in is the coastal beachy vibe. I guess that comes from living in this tropical paradise most of my life. I can feel the palm fronds swaying in the wind creating exotic breezes for me to enjoy as I type this blog.

Tell me in the comments below what you’d like to see in your hotel interior if you planned a vacation in Orlando North Florida.  Would it be the subtle colors of earth and sky — a peaceful retreat? Or would you opt for the bright saturated hues of the tropical foliage found in the landscape — Party time, full of energy, to kick it up a notch and cut loose? And after you comment, please feel free to share using the buttons below. Thanks for dropping by and reading “A Juxtaposition of Coastal Home Décor Colors.” May your next tropical vacation be one where you have found paradise!