Accent Wall Ideas

Generally when we think of an accent wall, we think of painting it a different color from the other walls. While this is the general rule of thumb, let’s explore some other accent wall ideas.

Paint the Ceiling

The ceiling is known as the fifth wall in the interior design world. Painting the ceiling a different color can either recede (advance) or bring closer the appearance of the room. In a tray ceiling, painting the band the same color as the wall makes it the focal point of the room.

Paint an Alcove

Painting out an alcove in a room brings interest to an accent wall. After painting the alcove, add interesting artwork in the space.

Bedroom Alcove Accent Wall

Add a Wood Accent

Creating vertical interest with wood on one wall brings attention into an otherwise nondescript room.

Wood Panel Accent Wall

Wallpaper a Wall

Wallpaper – often frowned upon – has once again popularity. The ease of peel and stick installation has brought about a resurgence of using wallpaper on an accent wall. It’s also very easy to remove when you choose to do something different. Two vendors with fab prints are WallsNeedLove.comand Wallpaper is a great accent wall idea.

Check out this classic ceramic textured subway tite from

Or this fabulous beach scene as a backdrop for your wall accent from

Add Wall Panels

Another really cool wall accent may be found on Based on the area you want to cover, you can buy a prepackaged amount or invent your own. Vant upholstered wall panels rock. They add awesome vertical interest, come in a multitude of fabrics: metallics, velvets, vintage leather, denim.

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