Foxy Interiors Approach to a Design Project

I am a certified home stager serving Seminole County, Florida, and southwest Volusia County. I often spend considerable time educating the public about the benefits of home staging when you’re getting ready to market your home for sale. Conversely, I have completed extensive coursework in residential interior design at Seminole State College. Foxy Interiors also offers re-design and interior design services. Often times homeowners think interior decorators (or interior designers) are out of reach and they cost too much. Let’s get that notion out of your head right now. Re-design is an affordable option to revitalize your interior spaces using accessories, furniture, and wall art that you already own. Generally, our customers seeking re-design want to freshen up a space in a new way and are looking for an inexpensive option. With a fresh set of eyes looking at your space, a re-designer can offer up solutions to help you “pull it together” or “point you in the right direction” simply by shopping your own home. We make recommendations for enhanced furniture configuration as well. Whether you have a budget to make new purchases or not, you can add new life to your interior spaces through re-design.

First things first: We like to get to know our homeowners and their personal style. We want to find out what goals they want to achieve, what they feel they are lacking in their current space, what colors they enjoy most. We will carefully look at the architectural features of their home and how best to play them up. We do this by creating focal points in each room. A focal point is where the eyes land first when walking into a room. We’ll also help with color, materials and fabric selection, if desired. We help them hang art at an appropriate height or how to group pictures to make a statement piece. We help them turn their interior space into a warm and welcoming place to spend time.

Later this month we will be working with clients who have requested our interior re-design services. I’ve been creating style boards over on Pinterest to share with the clients. This will help us know what direction to take, what their personal likes and dislikes may be, and how the choices will fit into the home’s theme. I like to pull together at least three choices. After all, I’m there to help them not overwhelm them with a myriad of choices. We’ll also take before and after photos so they can see how a fresh ‘new’ look revives their interior space. Digital photos are complimentary with all our services.

The first photo I’ve selected for many elements: the wood flooring, the crown molding, the turquoise painted walls, the fabulous end table with rounded edges and nailed in brads at the edges, as well as the hanging light fixtures which pull in the colors of the wood flooring with a variety of gold tones in the glass dome. Blues are quite ‘in’ for 2014, especially water colors. Gold and copper metals have also returned for 2014.

turquoise and white

The second example has used the photo of fruit for design inspiration. Most colors found in this photo are repeated in the elements of the room: the yellow table, the white trim work, the white chairs, the green painted cabinetry (what a great storage solution); these same colors run through the pillows and curtains as well. This room also shows a trendy brushed nickel ceiling fan. Did you also notice the free-flowing curtains that are actually tied at the top of the rod? Nothing stuffy or too fancy about these drapes – they invoke a fresh, casual feeling.

dining room

If you, too, are interested in freshening up your interior spaces, please do give Foxy Interiors a call at (407) 715-1737.