Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for Engineering Projects and Construction Sites

3D Virtual Tour for Engineering Projects

Virtual Job-Walks, 100% Project Documentation and Accurate 3D As-Builts

In the context of construction, our innovative service provides a wealth of benefits at a serious value. Virtual job walks, 100% project documentation and accurate 3D as-builts all work together to save you time and money and allow you to provide an all around better product for your customers. See below for more specific examples of common construction problems and how our service can help!

3D Virtual Tours for Architecture, Construction and Facilities

It’s difficult if not impossible to see and document all aspects of a jobsite in a 1-2 hour job walk. Our service provides permanent access to an immersive 3D representation of the project site in 4K resolution that you can share with your subcontractors to assist in simplifying and increasing accuracy in the bid process. Use the 3D Showcase to allow subcontractors remote “anytime” access to the jobsite as well as supporting MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) spaces and surrounding areas for a better understanding of the project. This can minimize scope gaps and provide insight into conditions that contractors might not otherwise realize.

Photographic documentation at different stages of construction is time consuming and inconsistent. Even if you could take photos of the entire jobsite, organizing these photos into a navigable format is time consuming and expensive. As a result, it is usually not done at all. Contractors are left with an incomplete, unorganized and largely useless pile of photos. Our cost effective services assures that you have, not only 100% complete 4K resolution photo documentation of your entire project but also the 3D data to add dimensional back up for all installations.

Often times, in the interest of holding the schedule, existing conditions that conflict with contract documents are covered or modified before the contractor can finalize an agreement with the owner in regards to modification of price to account for a change in scope. A quick and cost effective scan, documenting 100% of your jobsite in 4K resolution will provide a permanent and measureable record of the owner’s property before work takes place, after soft demo is complete or at any other stage of construction. This tool can be used to quickly and accurately communicate discrepancies with owners and design consultants for fast change order resolution, or provide invaluable proof of discrepancies between the contract documents and reality after the work has been completed.

Providing accurate and complete as-builts has historically been a hit and miss affair. Drawings are hastily red lined by subcontractors and changes are often forgotten or inaccurately represented. Accurate and complete as-built drawings are rare or incomplete at best. Project designs based on as-built drawings of the past are usually substantially flawed or inconsistent with existing conditions, leading to expensive change orders for your customer. However, as-builts based on our 3D scanning technology document virtually 100% of the actual conditions and installations with our AutoCAD ready documents will substantially simplify and decrease cost of subsequent remodels. No guessing, no question.

Communicating the intricacies of your companies experience to potential customers with paper pamphlets and still photography leaves a lot of ground uncovered. A virtual and immersive 3D walk-through will showcase your entire project, start to finish and can easily be embedded into your website, engaging your prospective client for far longer than any still image or text explanation.

Other uses and benefits: We scan the space at specific milestones (see examples to follow) during the project to provide 100% visual documentation in an easy to navigate and automatically organized format. Specific points within the space can be tagged and augmented with additional photos, videos or information to simplify and bolster communication of RFIs (Requests for Information) to the design team. Your team will be able to effectively collaborate inside of your virtual space no matter where they are in the world!

  • At completion of demo: We scan the raw space to provide 3D data to jump-start the BIM (Building Information Modeling) process for MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) heavy spaces and permanently and completely define existing as built conditions.
  • At completion of MEP (Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing) installation: Document as-built conditions at the MEP stage with accurate and measurable data that can be referenced at a later date to simplify changes, resolve conflicts and provide backup for change order claims.
  • At completion: Showcase your beautiful finished product by embedding your virtual space into your project web page! Provide a complete volume of visual as-built and 3D data in your close out package that the owner can keep for reference or maintenance, repairs and to greatly simplify the process of remodeling in the future. The completion scan can also provide a fantastic communication tool for punch lists as well. Just locate the punch list items by adding tags to your space that you can then share with the responsible subcontractors!

Service Options

3D Scan/Photography for A&E, Construction and Facilities: 

  • 3D Showcase showing every accessible nook and cranny of your space*. This Interactive 3D virtual tour includes doll house & floor plan views
  • 1 year free hosting
  • Schematic floor plan
  • Reflected ceiling plan
  • .OBJ and .XYZ colorized point cloud files for expedition of AutoCAD workflow

Multimedia Tags: 

Multimedia tags include:

  • Title and Description
  • Link to External Media Source (such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or Smugmug)

32MP 2D Still Photos: 

These photos are carefully chosen from the ideal perspectives of your space and are taken at a high dynamic range from the original 3D scan data and optimized for color quality and richness. These are high resolution, print/web ready photos can be used as a cost effective alternative to creative professional photography.