A Design Consultation with Foxy Interiors


Decadent Design Consultation

If there is one luxury that even relatively wealthy people skip out on, it’s hiring an interior designer. After all, it just seems so lavish. Of course, at Foxy Interiors, we think it’s fun to work in all styles and at differing price points, with varying architectural types and a wide variety of personalities. We understand at the end of the day, everyone desires their own special place to call home.

What is a Design Consultation?

Our Expert E-Designer Marie Fox will gladly welcome your new homeowner by creating a personalized interior style plan. This service includes paint color selection, furniture configuration, recommended wall treatments, rugs, artwork, and accessories to tie it all together. Offered two convenient ways:  (1) using only the homeowner’s existing belongings, or (2) a mix of new and existing belongings.

New Movers Let’s Work Together

Whether on-line or in-person, we’ll help the new movers make sense out of their space. Call Marie at (407) 314-5076 to find out how you can offer the Decadent Closing Gift of a Design Consultation to your new homeowners to welcome them into their new space!