Creating a Tropical Paradise on the Wekiva River in Sanford (Orlando North) Florida

Jim, my husband and real estate photographer for Foxy Interiors, and I have been busy preparing for a vacant home staging job.  This executive home is located on the lovely Wekiva River in Sanford (Orlando North) Florida.

As a general rule of thumb, there are basic essentials to follow when staging a home for sale.  The first and foremost is catering to the buyer demographic to lure the target audience to place the home on their “must see” list.  The second is tailoring your staging to suit the home’s architecture and location.  This particular home has features such as etched glass of palm fronds and grass cloth. With that in mind, we’re creating a tropical oasis for a lucky buyer. This home has all the amenities for a peaceful retreat or to entertain and party the night away.

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you may have seen bits and pieces of this blog already. Before I discuss what we’ve been working on, here are a few photos from our own tropical paradise in our back yard. It seems that since we’re nearing June, our tropical plants are showing off.  We have ginger, four pineapples, a bromeliad and curcuma.

Tropical Foilage from Our Garden

Tropical Foliage

Tropical decorating ideas are best done using natural elements that are indigenous to the area.  Here we’ve used a palm tree seed pod and cuttings from the ends of palm fronds to create a candle holder.  Both have been sprayed with high gloss lacquer to add a classy look.  These items will be incorporated into our staging.

Creative Uses of Palm Fronds

Creative Uses of Palm Fronds

The third item I’d like to share is this decorating idea I fathomed in my head and asked Jim to create.  Eighty drilled holes later and, again, painted with high gloss lacquer, this is the result for our home décor.  It’s a focal point piece to add vertical interest made from branches and aspen wood, which is a soft light wood.

how to display branches in home decor

Branch Home Décor

Jim does a fabulous job bringing my ideas to life; it’s as if he were a mind reader.  Here’s one that I created though – a floral orchid centerpiece.  It was really relaxing for me to create this as I enjoy working with artificial botanicals.  Jim likes the real thing and keeps our garden lovely as you can see from the picture above (smiles).

orchid floral arrangement

Orchid Centerpiece

Thanks for dropping by and reading Creating a Tropical Paradise on the Wekiva River in Sanford (Orlando North) Florida.  Stay tuned for the after photos of the staging installation for this tropical paradise.


Marie Fox

Marie has completed coursework in the Interior Design Program at Seminole State College. With her ISRP (International Staging and Redesign Professional) certification, Marie understands what motivates a buyer when searching for a home. Contact Marie at (407) 314-5076.
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