Are Interior Design and Home Staging the Same?

The short answer is no. Let me preface this with there seems to be a misconception amongst the population. Houses are built or remodeled – all the interior preparation has been completed. An accent wall has been painted in the kitchen in cobalt blue; another accent wall is painted in the family room. And, then comes in the furniture and the decorations. These two hues are very saturated with color and jump right out. Is this considered decorating or home staging?

cobalt blue dining room
cobalt blue dining room

Color choices are very personal in nature. Bright vivid colors are taste specific and don’t wow everyone. If you are selling your home, you want to market your home to the greatest pool of potential buyers. Create an interior that appeals to the majority, not just the ones that enjoy vivid colors. That is why a home stager generally recommends you paint in a neutral color. Neutral colors aren’t just beige and white and grey. Color selection is made based on the features and materials found in your home and what color will best showcase them.

red dining room

When your home is taste specific, that is considered “decorating.” Staging a home prepares and markets the house as a commodity. As such, specific techniques are implemented to showcase the home such as the room’s purpose, architectural features, and the size of the room. Decorating and Home Staging are two different creatures. Decorating is personal in nature and defines who you are and what you enjoy; home staging is marketing tool to lure the most potential buyers by using specific techniques to “set the stage”.

dining room staged

If you need assistance preparing your home for market, or perhaps you would like to re-design your interior to dwell through our interior stylist services, give us a call. We’d be happy to provide a quote.

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