The 3 “L’s” of Farmhouse

Decorate in Farmhouse Chic

Whether you live in Central Florida or near Deltona, there are a few basic rules to follow to decorate in farmhouse chic, farmhouse coastal or plain farmhouse. You must bring in elements that are earthy, green and neutral. Think of the things that bring you comfort and coziness in your home’s interior. Handwritten phrases printed in black also abound: Home, Family, Nest, Coffee and variations of these themes. The 3 L’s of decorating farmhouse chic include these elements: decorating love, a subtle pallet of paint colors, along with lambs ear, lemons and lavender.

Everything begins with love because the more you enjoy what you’re doing, the better an outcome you’ll have.

Decorating farmhouse includes a subtle and soothing pallet of colors invokes a warm and cozy feeling. Gentle reminders of visiting grandma on the farm, petting the cows and finding the mouser kitties. Locating the pond and watching the circles on top as the turtles come up for air. Laying in the grass and looking up at the gentle clouds rolling by in the blue sky.

The 3 “L’s”: Lavender, Lemons and Lambs Ear

Lavender: Growing lavender was always a natural pest repellent. Its purposes are many not only in crafts but also bathing. There’s lavender wreaths, lavender tucked into wreaths, lavender placed into pitchers, bath bombs, lavender oil, lotions with lavender essence. The possibilities are endless and soothing. For a few more ideas on lavender, visit our Pinterest board “Everything Lavender.”

Lemons: Yellow is the complementary color of lavender. When combined in design, they look amazing together. Lemons look great in a vessel to bring color into the kitchen. Bring life to an otherwise nondescript green wreath by placing lemons strategically on it. Use odd numbers (3, 5, 7) of objects in creating your decoration. Lemons squeezed for lemonade brings cooling thoughts in the summer time. Add a wedge in water for an added kick.

Lambs Ear: An astonishing greenery. This fuzzy plant is a species from the mint family. You’ll easily find this faux plant in stems, wreaths, or vines. It’s soft, subtle and looks great in a neutral pallet. Try mixing it with cotton stems, white roses, lemons, or lavender. Lambs ear is a nice space filler when crafting along with being nice to work with because of its softness. To learn more about growing lambs ear, check out The Spruce.