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Design Inspiration

Design inspiration for a decorating project are all around us. Before we jump in, let’s talk about the space you want to design. What else exists near this space. Is it open concept where the two spaces need to unify? Will you be changing out many things in the space? Do you already have a favorite object that you want to use in the space? Once you have narrowed down the space for update, we’re ready to proceed with how and where you may find sources as inspiration for this decorating project.

With most folks just Google it, right! Well not exactly, let’s discuss some possibilities for design inspiration.


Things found in the environment in which you live, e.g. coastal, wooded, desert, mountains.

Favorite Object

You found a great object on vacation and would love for it to be the focal point in your new room.


On your last adventure, you acquired a great piece and want to incorporate it into your design.

Shopping and spotting objects you love

Who doesn’t love to shop? Your eyes spot many lovely things, but one is calling your name. You have to have it. Get it and use it in your design.

Finding Design Inspiration on the Internet

Houzz – 

Now we’ll get to the internet. Houzz is a great source of design inspiration. Projects have already been completed. Perhaps you want to pull more than one idea. This is a fab place to do that.

Pinterest – 

Personally, I love Pinterest. Eight to eighty, any topic, and a variety of selections. It’s helpful if you have a room and/or color in mind in advance of your travels and to help you avoid being overwhelmed. 

Credit for this amazing open-concept family room and kitchen goes to Platinum Builders, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Foxy Interiors had the opportunity to prepare a 3D virtual walk through tour of this new build. Platinum puts together very nice homes; check them out.

I hope you easily find your source of inspiration for your decorating project. Contact us if you would like additional help, or check our our E-Design Services.