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Easy Light Fixture Updates

Why is Updating Light Fixtures Even Necessary When Staging?

Updating light fixtures is a simple cosmetic update that makes sure your home for sale doesn’t scream “help me, I’m time-stamped”. Your goal when preparing to put your home on the market is to achieve the best return on your investment. Buyers want move-in ready; investors want a home they can update to attain profit. For returns on investment, check out the table from Home Gains. This table identifies where you will get the most bang for the buck.

Home Gain

What are the two sides of home staging?

In the “preparation” phase of home staging, a recommendation to update light fixtures may occur. What’s important to understand is that there are actually two sides, or two parts if you will, to home staging. Most people are aware of placing furniture, art work and accessories in the home. However, this is the second phase of home staging, also known as “frosting the cake”. Using this analogy you must first bake the cake before you frost it, yes?

Home staging is defined by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) as the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial property for sale. It is a two-part process:  Preparing a property involves all or part of cleaning, de-cluttering, updating and repairing. Showcasing is the process of arranging furniture, accessories, art and light. 

Back to our main topic of Easy Light Fixture Updates. Now that we know the why of simple updates, I want to convey how you’ll know what to update. Generally a certified home stager will conduct a thorough home staging consultation. You will receive complete instructions for both sides of home staging:  what and how to prepare along with showcasing your property. In this consultation, you’ll also receive specific instructions for what to keep out and what to pack so that you or your home stager may “frost the cake” by showcasing your property in advance of your amazing professional photos.

Shopping links and other valuable home staging goodies

Shopping links for the home staging goodies you’ll need to showcase your property will be provided in a home staging consultation. The first reach though will be using what you already have. In summary, during your home staging consultation, you’ll receive the tangibles of:

  • Customized List of Things to Do
  • Shopping Links for Updated Light Fixtures
  • Shopping Links for Other Accessory Items
  • How to Arrange Furniture
  • How to Create Table-Top Vignettes
  • Planning Your Move

To achieve the best return on investment (ROI), complete both sides of home staging:  preparation and showcasing. Simple updates will help you achieve this. As a thank you for reading this blog, we’d like to give our readers a freebie: Below you will find the shoppable links to the light fixtures shown in the picture.