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Easy Tips to Infuse Your Space with the Carefree Spirit of Boho Style Décor

Find Your Boho Style

Boho Style design ideas

Bohemian décor (or Bohemian Style) is known for its natural, eclectic look. Boho style is cozy and comfy, and when done well, it creates a perfect lived-in feel in a room. It’s a great design style to use if you love bold, saturated colors and natural materials like wood, jute, or rattan.

If you’re a fan of flea market shopping or have mismatched hand-me-downs, then bohemian décor is a great style to embrace. Celebrating the places you’ve traveled with a few well-placed knickknacks, or playing mix-and-match with patterns and textures are great ways to get into the boho spirit of design.

Here are some more creative ways to bring the fun, eclectic feel of boho style into your home.

Start Neutral, Add Color

If you’re uncertain how to reach your inner hippy, then don’t be afraid to start slow with Bohemian décor. Try beginning with a room with a mostly neutral color palette. Use furniture with a warm, wood finish.

Add a few pops of color. For example, use patterned throw pillows, bright planters for your greenery, or unique wall art, like framed paintings or drawings.

See how you feel with those new colors in the room, and proceed from there. Slow decorating is a great approach to redesigning or updating your home. Boho style, because it’s all about collecting and showcasing unusual or interesting items, is perfect for the slow decorating approach. Slow decorating also a lot more sustainable, since taking your time means finding items you’re likely to keep over a longer period of time.

Embrace Asymmetry

Another great way to make a statement with Boho style is through asymmetrical designs. This makes a room feel playful and look visually interesting. The trick with asymmetry is to create a sense of balance to make it work.

Using similar forms and colors will help create that sense of balance. Choose a natural focal point, like a picture window or fireplace, and build your design around it. However, an asymmetrical design doesn’t have to dominate the room. It can be as subtle as changing the angle of a chair.

Pile on Patterns

Bohemian décor includes mismatched textures and mixes of patterns. Consider ways to pull a variety of textures and patterns into your space. Rugs and throws are an obvious choice here, but carved wooden furniture is another great option. Consider macrame or other textile wall hangings. Incorporate wicker or rattan pieces into your décor. Look at Moroccan style rugs or tapestries for vibrant boho patterns.

One way to successfully mix and match patterns is to find patterns that include the same dominant color. A monochromatic palette can make this a little simpler. For instance, choosing bold patterns that all include the same color green in them can create a unifying element. This makes the whole room come together.

Showcase Nature

Bohemian décor isn’t complete without its natural elements, so be sure to include them in your design strategy. Plants can be a huge part of your boho style. They’re also great mood boosters.

The containers that house your plants can add more boho flare to your room, so don’t be afraid to choose bold patterns. Planters are another great place to incorporate wood or woven textures, too.

Get Personalized Design Help

Check out my Interior Design Ideas page for more home styling ideas. Let me create a concept board for your room, so you get personalized help with your boho design project. Your home is a refuge and place of rest and safety. Let’s make it beautiful together.