Fall Decorating Ideas

Memories of the Fall

When I think of decorating for the fall, I think of memories of my past living in the north as a child. Things like apples, cinnamon, turning under dirt in the garden to prepare for winter, pumpkins, maple syrup and baking goodies. I think of the type of costume I want to wear for Halloween. I have great memories of the fall. However, living in Florida lends itself to going in a northerly direction to find the variety of colors found in the leaves changing in the deciduous trees. Reaching higher elevations where the air is crisper and cooler, finding sweater weather. Of what does autumn remind you?

Amicalola Falls Georgia

The Color of Fall

When decorating for the fall, it is helpful to know the seasonal color pallet. The colors of fall are the warm colors of gold, red, yellow, shades of wheat, and browns. This season has always amazed me: When things cool down, the colors heat up. I’ve never done actual research of this topic but have thought it to be an interesting dynamic. Hues of green and blue are always in season. I’m reminded of the color of grass and the sky or of the trees and water.

Floral for Fall

Floral arrangements just seems to add interest when decorating for the fall. It can be as simple as one color of one item. For example, pampas grass with its’ flowing tendrils, or a mixed arrangement containing several of the colors of fall. Place your arrangement in a metallic vessel, perhaps copper or gold. You’ll add bling plus pleasing colors of the season.

Pampas Grass in Earthenware Jar

All Things Soft – Blanket Towels Pillows

A variety of textures always delight the senses when decorating for the fall. Best of all in fall, as the temperatures cool down, adding in layers of coziness with a soft throw blanket and pillows bring in a measure of warmth for the season. Try adding in texture through knitted throws or pillows with fringe. Trending in decor now is fringe and lots of it. You’ll find it in macrame, on the edges of blankets, and pillows too. Fringe adds interest for our eyes, along with our kitties too. Make sure they have their own piece of twine to play with. Definitely, cozy up your space by bringing in soft items.

Easy Fall Decor Updates

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