Sanford Home Staging | 120 River Oaks, Sanford, Florida 32771

This is an example of Vacant Home Staging in Sanford, Florida with a tropical theme which was appropriate for this house and potential home buyers. It is located directly on the Wekiva River. Originally created by an architect, this house was built into two hexagons. The unusual floor plan with its many angles required careful measuring and planning to create a workable furniture plan that allowed adequate flow and movement throughout the spaces. This unique staging provided potential buyers with a map of how to use the spaces.

When a house is listed for sale, what sells the house is price, condition and location. Home staging is “icing on the cake” and helps buyers make an emotional connection to make an offer. When all of these factors are in alignment, the home will sell. It was great fun to stage this house. Enjoy the photos and the quirky features of this house.