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Living in Florida, in the hot, humid tropical climate, ceiling fans are a staple.  I have yet to walk into a home without them.  They’re all purpose year around.  By flipping the little switch on the motor, they either push air down (air towards the floor) or up (air towards the ceiling) circulating either heat or cool air.

When it comes to preparing your home for market, please do not overlook your ceiling fans.  They, too, can be dated, unbalanced and noisy, or have become the great dust collector.  If they have a light kit attached, be sure to check if any of the bulbs need to be replaced.  If they have globes or shades, make sure they’re in good order and have no tears or cracks in them.  Replace them with a match if you can find it, or replace all globes or shades so they match.

Also, remember if you’re not in the room, they serve no purpose.  Running them just adds to their wear and tear, can be a potential fire hazard if you’re not home, as well as pull electricity which adds to your electric bill.

Personally, ceiling fans which have blades that look like palm fronds are the perfect choice for a sun room or porch.  It’s like bringing the outdoors in.  Remember when making your selection that you select finishes that already complement those that exist in your home.

Suggestions for Sun Rooms

If you’re staging to sell, I would select a nice quality ceiling fan that would go with any color palette.  If you’re doing a re-design and wish to match your décor colors, make sure you really love it because ceiling fans last for a very long time, at least ten years.  Consider a child’s age if you’re installing one in their bedroom.  Harbor Breeze and Hunter both make very nice fans that run quiet for years.  Make sure you are buying a fan that is to scale for the size space you’re putting it in.  There are differences in the number of fan blades, diameter across, as well as types of fan you’re installing.  Some push air better than others, so keep this in mind as you make your choice.  Check out the floor examples and the store’s return policy just in case you do not love it or if you run into issues.

Add a ceiling fan light kit for additional lighting in the room.  A qualified electrician can assist you with proper wiring if your home has not been pre-wired for the ceiling fan.

Here are a few other suggestions:

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Thanks for dropping by and reading Décor Distractions – Ceiling Fans.  I hope this blog is helpful to you.  What do you think?  Are any of these choices you would make?  Which one is your favorite ceiling fan?