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Home Staging Tips Curtains

I attended a webinar a few days ago on selecting color for interior environments, along with some how-to’s for conducting a color consultation.  I’m a huge proponent of continuing education, helpful hints and kind reminders as well as keeping up with the latest trends in décor and design.  The course I took is sponsored by JoAnne Lenart-Weary of The Staging and Decorating Academy.  This continuing education course was offered through my membership with the Real Estate and Staging Association (RESA).  RESA is the professional association for home stagers, redesigners and those in the home design and decorating field.  After taking Ms. Lenart-Weary’s refresher course, I can certainly see why her courses made it to the “A” list.  She is superb as a trainer and is highly knowledgeable and respected in her field.  I’m grateful she made time for me as she was readying herself for travel and a presentation at the AmericasMart in Atlanta, Georgia.

At the end of our conversation, she mentioned the topic of draperies.  I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that interior design and staging to sell are two very different creatures.  When you’re designing your home for you, you want to personalize your color scheme and décor to your own liking.  After all, you’re living there and you want to enjoy the scenery.  When you’re staging to sell, you want to appeal to the target audience of buyers in your area.  The “personal” factor becomes null and void.

With that said, if you’re preparing your home to market, you want to appeal to the masses and the demographics of buyers in your area.  But…what do you do with your window treatments?  Perhaps you’ve had custom draperies made to fit your personal design scheme.  Maybe you even did this in the 80s or 90s.  Let me ask you:  Should they stay or should they go?

Let’s discuss a few examples of window treatments:  plantation shutters, valances, custom draperies, and sheers.


Plantation shutters:  Plantation shutters, especially in Florida, give you a lot of flexibility.  You can easily let in or shut out light.  White is great too because it reflects the heat and provides protection from the glaring sun.  Yes, they get to stay for both dwelling and selling.

Floral draperies w valances








Valances:  Valances when used in the appropriate application can really tie a room together.  However, as fabrics and times change, they become dated very quickly.  Remember the 80s and 90s and their popularity?  Not so much these days.  When you’re selling, please do not use them.  They are a big distraction to the potential home buyer.  We’re showcasing the great features and architecture of your home – not your pretty décor.

Custom draperiesCustom draperies:  Unless you’re living in a castle or a mansion, we need to lighten up the load.  Custom draperies are made of many layers and give the appearance of a weighted down heavy room.  Take them down when you’re selling.  Conversely, in this photo, underneath it all are some fabulous lightweight sheers – You’ll want to leave these up.  They’re perfect and the right amount of window covering to sell.

sheers w grommets

Sheers:  These sheers are perfect for both staging to sell or dwell.  The grommets give them just the right amount of 2014; they’re unlacy; lightweight and flowing.  And did I mention white, a great neutral to brighten up the space but yet provide the perfect amount of privacy for window coverings.

Thanks for dropping by and reading Décor Distractions – Curtains.  If you have questions about window coverings and you’re not sure if they should stay or go, please contact Marie at Foxy Interiors for assistance.