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Home Staging Tips – How to Style a Bookcase

At some point you will probably own a bookcase or shelves and will want to know how to place items.  Foxy Interiors has the pleasure of seeing many homes in our home staging and real estate photography travels. In one of the lovely homes we photographed, I was mesmerized by the styling in the bookcase. This bookcase was so eloquent and eye catching, pure genius in the arrangement of the items, that I asked the homeowner if we could specifically photograph it. The homeowner looked at me quizzically when I said I must blog about your bookcase. Long story short, I’m finally getting around to doing just that. So get ready to take some notes as I summarize for you How to Style a Bookcase.

Basic Tips for Styling Shelves

Step 1: Place your books on the shelves. There are several ways to arrange them – group by color; from the middle, go small to large or large to small; or simply mix it up.

Step 2: Working one shelf at a time, bring in large bold accessories. Place on shelves. Bring in art work. Begin the layering process working your way from the back to the front of the shelf.

Step 3: For grouping of smaller items, place them into your favorite baskets for easy access. Use metal or wicker to add interest. Keep in mind the spacing of the basket’s material so items will not fall out.

More How-to's for Styling the Bookcase

(1) Group objects by their similarities. For example, color, height, material.
(2) Bring in greenery and natural materials to add life to your display. Ideas are plants, pine cones, floral, clay jars.
(3) Arrange your items both vertically and horizontally to keep things interesting.
(4) Group like items in odd numbers, 1, 3, 5
(5) Turn your books with the binder towards the back showing the white pages. Using one color of construction paper, create book jackets to add color impact.
(6) Wrap a pretty bow around several books. Using wired ribbon is always your best bet as you can shape and form your bow.

Ideas for styling a bookcase are endless and I could simply ramble on. Let your creative juices flow and remember the sky is the limit when it comes to good timeless design.

Thanks for dropping by and reading our Home Staging Tips – How to Style a Bookcase. Whether you’re staging to sell or dwell, Foxy Interiors is your expert home staging company.