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When you’re working with an interior space, aside from many other things to consider, one of the most important is lighting.  There are two types of light:  natural and artificial.  Natural light, of course, comes from outside and artificial is manmade.

In selecting the type of light you need in a space, it helps to have an understanding of their function.  Ambient lighting spreads evenly upon a space.  Task lighting is localized and is used for a specific activity, e.g. reading, writing, and preparing food.  Accent lighting concentrates on a particular object or area, usually a focal point in a room.

Once you’ve figured out the purpose of why you need lighting, the fun part begins.  With the myriad of light fixture types, let’s talk about how each is mounted or placed in the room.  I found a wonderful easy to read pictorial to share with you, compliments of Puja Lalwani.

types of light-fixtures


Here are a few other examples of lights that I found interesting.  Also check us out over on Pinterest as I’ve pinned other favorites as well.  Many are just over the top with lots of cool factor.

reflecting shadows light

pendant lighting


Design by Marc Michaels, Winter Park, FL
Design by Marc Michaels, Winter Park, FL


There are many different finishes and types of lighting.  If you need assistance wading through, please let Foxy Interiors know how we may assist you in lighting up your world.

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