Home Staging – Living Room Ideas

Home Staging – Living Room Ideas

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As a home stager and photographer in the Orlando North and Daytona Beach real estate markets, Foxy Interiors knows what it takes to prepare a home for market. Visual merchandising lures more potential buyers to your home than any other marketing tactic.  RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) annually prepares The Consumer’s Guide to Real Estate Staging with statistics on the number of days on market for staged vs. non-staged homes.  In 2013, of 481 vacant and occupied homes staged prior to going on the market, the first offer on average was received within 23 days after being professional staged. Current statistics for our local market in October 2014 show the average days on market in Volusia County are 74 days; Seminole County’s average days on market for October 2014 is 60 days [Source: mlsmatrix] As you can see, professionally staged homes sell faster.

Foxy Interiors is continuing their blog series on home staging tips. In this blog we’ll be discussing living room ideas when preparing your house for sale.

Many homes have both a living room and a family room. Generally, the living room is “formal” and the family room is just that, where the family gathers and spends time together. For all intent purposes, these home staging tips are used interchangeably for both rooms. If you’re following our blog series on home staging tips, you may see repeated items. This is because the tips apply to multiple rooms in the house as they are universal staging tips.

Preparation – Home Staging Tips

  • Clean meticulously all the way from the ceiling to the base boards.
  • Vacuum or wipe down the top of plant shelves.
  • Remove all greenery and accessories on top of plant shelves. These items are not necessary and only detract from the height of the ceiling and the spaciousness of the room.  They’re also dust collectors.
  • Remove wall paper and wall border if it exists. Wall paper and wall border are personal in nature.  Home staging is de-personalizing the home so potential home buyers can envision themselves living in the space.

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  • If the wall color is bold and dominant, neutralize the paint pallet. A professional home stager can help you select an appropriate choice based on the existing elements found in the home. If time and money constraints exist, staging accessories can be chosen that will work off of an existing paint scheme. However, a neutral color painted on your walls will appeal to more potential home buyers.
  • Check bulbs and clean light fixtures. Confirm that adequate lighting exists and that light fixtures are to scale for the space. Update them if they are dated, i.e. more than 15 years old.
  • Remove 1/3 of the furniture in the room. Less is more when showcasing your home. By removing excess furniture, you are demonstrating the spaciousness in the room. With proper furniture configuration, you will add “flow” which shows ease of movement throughout the room.
  • If children play in the room, they should select their five favorite toys. Pack up any remaining toys. Store the five favorite toys in baskets during showings.
  • If you have built-ins, pack away any items smaller than a honeydew melon. Also pack away items that are not routinely used.
  • Pack up family photos, religious symbols, and team insignia. These items, if a potential buyer does not agree with your taste, may actually be a point of contention and an instant buyer turn off.       While many of these things are conversation pieces, potential buyers are there to buy your house – not buy or converse about your things.
  • Remove valences over windows; let the light shine in. Again, your fabric choices are personal in nature and also take up visual space. If you have layered draperies, please leave the sheer white/beige in place. Anything more than this is added visual weight to the room, detracts from easily viewing the space, and sucks up equity.

Staging – Home Staging Ideas

  • Create a focal point. A focal point is the very first thing in a room that your eyes are drawn to when you walk in. Examples of focal points are fireplaces, TVs, a grand piano, a great view out the window. Some homes have competing focal points. A professional home stager can tell you what to focus on to present the best architectural features.
  • Space permitting, keep furniture off the wall.       You should be able to walk around conversation areas, not through them.
  • An area rug anchors a space – be sure it is the appropriate size for the furniture you’re anchoring. As a general rule of thumb a 5’ x 8’ rug for a small space, and a 10’ x 12’ to accommodate a larger space. Furniture legs should be on the edge of the carpet. This is a personal pet peeve of mine as I do not like “floating” carpets. Help carpets serve their purpose by anchoring them.

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  • Coffee tables and end tables by design can either add or eat away at equity. You want to show the most visual space, so tables that are surfaces only without cabinets and drawers underneath work best. Make sure they are to scale for the room, not too tiny or too large.
  • Bring in color through accessories. This includes wall art, blanket throws, pillows and interesting items larger than a melon. Create strategically placed vignettes in odd numbered items (1-3-5). Vignettes cause eye movement about the room.

home staging tips - lake mary - orlando - daytona beach - home stager - photographer

Thanks for dropping by and reading “Home Staging Tips – Living Room Ideas When Selling Your Home.” If you have questions or would like to learn more about how Foxy Interiors can help you prepare your home for market in the Daytona Beach and Orlando North real estate markets, please use the Contact Us link and drop us a note or call Marie at (407) 314-5076. I hope you’re looking forward to the next blog. Have a beautifully staged day! Marie

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