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home staging tips | wall artWall art can be a distraction when you’re staging a home to sell.  Staging to sell and staging to dwell are two very different creatures.  The use of wall art when selling should be simplistic and purposeful.  If it isn’t, it becomes a distraction.  You’re dressing your home to sell and in so doing, you’re showcasing the best features of your home.  Art can either add or take away from the message you’re sending buyers.

Measurements count:  Wall art should always be hung at eye level, 57″ to 60″ from the floor.  From where you’re standing or seated, your eyes should be able to give it a comfortable glance and you should not strain your neck to see it.  Generally, this means from the top of an object – sofa, chair, headboard – that the bottom of your art begins 6 to 8 inches higher.  Remember, eye level and you’ll be set to hang your art appropriately.  There are, of course, exceptions but this is the general rule for a single piece of art.

Below I’ve included examples of what not to do when you’re showcasing and selling your home.  Let’s discuss these examples:

Collage - Bad Wall Art

  • Remove personal photos and religious symbols when staging to sell. Potential buyers are there to see the property, not your things. Additionally, not everyone may have the same religious view point as you. Best to go ahead and pack these items away. After all, you’re hopeful of a quick sale and you won’t miss them for long.
  • The second example demonstrates wall art hung way too high. Ouch, my neck hurts.
  • Wall art clutter at its finest. When I show up to look at this home, I can’t even see the wall. I’m extremely distracted because I want to check out each and every one of those pictures and not your house.
  • The last example is a hodge-podge of family and friends near and far. I’m here to view your house, not long lost Aunt Sue from years gone by. With all the art hung on the wall, I’m missing out on the beautiful staircase spindles and banister, and what a great long hall you have upstairs. Your art is distracting from showing me just how nice and how spacious your home really is.

Now here are examples of wonderful art pieces hung and placed appropriately:

Collage - Good Wall Art

  • The striking cobalt blue photo is hung at a perfect height above the sofa. My neck is comfortable and the photo is not too distracting. It is one piece used as a bold statement.
  • The art above the fireplace is just right, simple and centered. This is enough to draw my eye towards your beautiful fireplace. Also note that the simple accessories are in an odd number: Three simple statement pieces that command my attention.
  • The third example shows an interesting way to use the space at the bottom of the stairs. A simple chair, pillow, throw, small table with plant and books, and wall art which is to scale reflect a well-balanced use of this space.
  • The last example adds wow factor and the wall art is the focal point of this room. It is to scale (note that the horizontal width is the same as the bed). The wall art is also hung with the correct spacing between it and the headboard.

When you’re ready to hang your art, let Foxy Interiors know and we can help you whether you’re selling or dwelling.  Please feel free to use the “Contact Us” form found at the top in the menu if you have questions.  We’d be happy to help.

For more helpful ideas on how to arrange pictures, click this link.


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