3 Tips for How to Deal with Pets When Selling

Most people enjoy pets but not all. It becomes especially more important that you know how to deal with pets when selling. If you’re like our family, you consider your pets as bona fide members of your family, however, pets can ruin a home sale. They can chew furniture, urinate on the floor, place their paws on windows, and have strong body odor. Not all buyers are pet lovers; some dislike pets while others are allergic to them. It goes without saying that you should remove signs of pets during your photo shoot and during showings. Selling a house is hard, but selling one with pets can be even harder. Here are some tips to consider when you list your house for sale.

1. Get Rid of Pet Signs

Pets need their own toys, litter boxes, cages, and bowls. During showings, these items should be tucked away. Nothing turns off buyers like pet possessions strewn all over the floor. Even if pets are away during a showing, their belongings might put off buyers who are not fond of pets or are allergic to them. Find a temporary hiding place for your pet’s goodies. Begin packing your pictures of your furry loved ones. Make sure the litter boxes are cleaned with fresh litter. Keep toys, beds, food dishes and such put away during your photo shoot and showings of your home.

2. Clean and Deodorize

Many pets have strong body odor and leave undesirable smells on furnishings and carpets. Home buyers are quick to notice pet odors, fur, footprints, and even lick marks on windows. Dirt and odor are major turnoffs for buyers and are signs of poor maintenance and neglect. When you stage your home, it must smell heavenly and be immaculate. For best results, hire a professional to clean your furnishings and carpets. Afterwards, ask a friend to conduct a smell test. It’s easier for them to detect odors in your space. Remember you’re accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells in your home no matter how bad they are. Your friend can give an unbiased opinion. Do not reach for deodorizers to mask the smell; clean always wins.

3. Relocate the Pets

I know it’s a tough decision but please crate your critters when you have your photo shoot. During showings schedule a pet sitter or sign up for doggy daycare services. See if your friends or family can lend a hand. This way your “staged” home will keep its lovely condition. If you do not wish to move your pets during showings, take them for a walk.

I know it’s tough to think that not all buyers will love your animals too, but that’s simply not the case. The truth is that potential buyers may be offended by your cuddly companion. For the best offers, implementing the above home staging tips will roll in offers.

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