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How to Take Listing Photos

Taking Real Estate Listing Photos

When you’re looking to find a professional photographer in metro Orlando or Daytona Beach, or if you’re taking the plunge to create your own listing photos, here’s a few photography hints that will go a long way when you take a picture of your house for your listing.

Real Estate Listing Photography Tips

  1. Straight Vertical and Horizontal Lines – Rooms were built with straight walls, or in most cases anyways. I find it so puzzling when I feel like I’m falling because the shot was taken when the camera was pointed to the floor or to the back of a tub. Vertical and Horizontal lines in your photo should be straight. Adjust yourself accordingly; you may need to crouch down. Use a tripod for consistent straight angles.

2. Interesting Composition – Especially if staged, add some of the greenery to the photo. Show me how the house is laid out, how the rooms are joined. Photos that are in perfect symmetry are very pleasing to the eye. As you shoot, think about what you’d like to see if you were a home buyer.

3. Crisp and Clear Detail – Looking at fuzzy pictures annoy me to no end. Take the time to do a bit of after-photo processing to regain clarity in your photos. The only blurring you should see is on kid’s faces and license plates. We like to use the Pro versions of Photomatix and Photoscape X.

4. Soothing Neutrally Painted Walls – Vividly colored walls are just a pure distraction. You reduce your buyer population greatly when they view the Crayola box that needs to be neutralized. It just means more work for them and on they go to the next house.

5. Clutter Packed Away – Nothing is more distracting when looking at photos of a house and you can’t see the house. You’re moving anyways so begin to pack up. Let buyers enjoy seeing the architectural details of your house. You want to flaunt them so let them be seen.


More Great Photography Tips

For more great tips, there is an abundance of sources on the internet. Architectural Design is a favorite of ours as their magazine relies on professional photography.

If you’re still not quite ready to take the plunge yourself, contact us to schedule your photo shoot. To learn how Foxy Interiors conducts a photography session, learn more here.