Moving a Parent to an Assisted Living Facility

Moving a Parent to an Assisted Living Facility

We were contacted by the children of an elderly parent as they wanted to move a parent to an assisted living facility. As they all lived out of state, they needed assistance to downsize and move mom into a Port Orange ALF (assisted living facility). She was accustomed to and comfortable in her larger home. Our job was to map out what to move to the ALF from her current home and create a design in her new space that would be reflective of her personality and provide the creature comforts of “home”. This client moved from 1,900 square feet to a space in an assisted living facility with less than 500 square feet. Although the new space contained all the basic essentials, it was devoid of light, color, and accessories.

Things to Think About When Moving the Elderly

Several things need to be thought about when moving the elderly and their needs. There are spatial needs to accommodate their walking implements (whether that be a walker, cane or wheelchair), no exposed sharp corners, no additional carpeting to get hung up in, no cords to trip on.  Foxy Interiors’ top priority in their approach to work is taking the client needs and likes into consideration. Additionally, when downsizing you want to incorporate as many familiar items as possible; this brings comfort in the new space.

Changing the Interior in the Assisted Living Facility

Prior to embarking on changing the interior in the ALF, we interviewed mom. We asked what she most loved about her current home, what her favorite colors were, the must-haves to move into the new space

  • Added egg and dart chair rail in both the kitchenette and living room.
  • Painted above the chair rail Sherwin Williams 6322 Intimate White; below the chair rail Sherwin Williams 6324 Mellow Coral.
  • Changed the light fixture in the dinette area.
  • Created custom open cabinetry in the bathroom; all edges were rounded to eliminate sharp corners.
  • Created and installed three corner shelves at the side of the sink in bathroom freeing up counter top space.
  • Wall mounted two TVs freeing valuable table top space.
  • Added an accent wall in the bedroom in Sherwin Williams 6212 Quietude.
  • Wallpapered the back wall of the bookcase.
  • Created a focal point on the bedroom wall by the addition of two horizontal frames above the headboards.

Pictures of the Re-Design Project

after-pictures-ALF-design bedroom-before-after dining-room-before-after before-after-living-room

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