Procuring Opulent Linens

Every homeowner needs them; you just can’t avoid not having them:  Linens. Whether it’s linens for the bed or linens for the bathroom, to get that over-the-top lavish feel, buy expensive good quality linens.  You may be saying that “expensive” is out of your reach. If you shop well and hit the sales, expensive is in your budget.  I’ve personally purchased luxurious sheets at Macy’s on sale that cost less than our local big-box store.  Compare prices as your shop and you too can do the same.

good sheets on sale at Macys

When you’re looking for sheets, not only do you want to find high grade cotton – Egyptian cotton – you’ll want to look for a higher thread count, think 500 and above.  Good quality cotton will not pill.  Pilling is when those fuzzy little balls develop over time on the sheet.  Pilling sheets are uncomfortable to sleep on.  In a short period of time, you’ll have to purchase yet another set of sheets.  Cry only once and purchase a good product that will last a long time.

example of pilling on a sheet
Example of Pilling

cotton flower

I don’t know about you, but living in Florida with the high humidity, it takes a while for towels to dry. I seek out towels that are “quick dry”.  They can’t just be any quick dry towel though because a nice plush towel that smells like April Fresh Downey is the best.  Over the years I’ve purchase many towels at many different stores [did I tell you I was a home stager?] and have found the best quick dry towels in the world to be at JC Penneys.  They come in a variety of colors and are sumptuous.  They truly are the thickest, long lasting and the quickest at drying.  Think Spa Day when making your choice and invoke the feelings of comfort!

plush towels in bathroom

Now that I’ve shared where I procure good linens from, when you’re staging your home to sell – Go for opulence!  Your fabulous finds can go with you to your new home and you’ll immediately impress potential buyers with your great taste by showing them just how comfortable your home can be.