Home Staging Services

Home Staging Services

Thank you for considering Foxy Interiors for your real estate staging services. We are a boutique home staging and real estate photography company. Each house we stage and photograph has it’s own unique thumbprint. We carve out a plan tailored to the home buyer’s demographic and the house’s architecture and layout. We’ve learned over time helping homeowners, investors and realtors that creating cookie-cutter staging simply does not bring about the desired result of a quick real estate sale achieving top dollar.  We also understand that not all budgets are alike.

Our approach to our work is simple:  We have a discussion with you to find out what your needs are, whether the house is vacant or occupied, the property address and how we can align our services to your goals.  In the interest of our customers, we are pleased to provide below a myriad of home staging services for both owner-occupied and vacant houses.

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Home Staging Consultation

Today’s buyer wants move-in ready. With a professional home staging consultation, the seller is provided with all the necessary tools to prepare and showcase their house for sale. This enables them to sell fast which eliminates price reductions and their month-to-month carrying costs. This service is perfect for the DIYer or the homeowner who needs assistance to begin the home selling process.

Up to 2 hours of professional staging advice

For an additional $100 we prepare a customized report for you.
Follow-up Email and Phone Support
Once listed, social media sharing

How it works:  The homeowner meets with the home stager. Stager takes a precursory view of the house’s exterior and interior. The homeowner then walks with the stager and takes notes. The professional home stager provides sage advice on what to keep out, what to pack; a color consultation; how to arrange furniture; how to create vignettes using the homeowner’s items; how to enhance the architectural features of the house, as well as tips, tricks and tools of the trade to get ready for the big move. A shopping list is also provided. The homeowner may shop their own home for these items or make purchases for their new home. Absolutely nothing is held back – Every tool for the homeowner to prepare their home as a marketable commodity is given away.

Don’t have time to meet in person? Then simply upload photos and take advantage of our DIY E-Staging/E-Design Services.

Conducting a Home Staging Consultation with the homeowner.

Express Home Staging Package

The first open house happens on the internet. A house that photos well shows well and goes on the buyer’s “must see” list.

2 hours of hands-on pre-photo styling
25 professional photos sized for the MLS
Once listed, social media sharing


How it works:  Homeowner is provided a list in advance of arrival detailing essential items to be addressed. At the scheduled appointment, using only the homeowner’s belongings, the house will be amazingly staged for photos. Photographer arrives and takes photos. Photos are delivered to realtor within 1 – 2 business days.

Key Room Staging Package

Only 10% of the population can envision how to use an empty room. Key Room staging demonstrates the lifestyle of the buyer demographic. It is the perfect amount of staging to show buyers how to use the space thereby making an emotional connection which leads to offers.

Furniture, art work, accessories, artificial botanicals, soft goods

Example of Key Room Staging package

1 Living or Family Room
1 Kitchen
1 Dining Room
1 Master Bedroom
1 Master Bathroom
1 Guest Bathroom
25 professional photos sized for the MLS
Once listed, social media sharing

How it works:  Foxy Interiors views the home on-line based on the property address. If more details are needed, an on-site visit is scheduled. We charge a $75 trip charge which is credited back upon signed contract. Foxy Interiors formulates a design plan, procures all inventory and schedules a date and time to showcase the property. Professional photos will be taken and are provided to the realtor within 1 to 2 business days.

 Space Warmer Staging Package

expert home staging services in orlando

Buyers look at numerous houses and they all begin to look alike. A few props help potential buyers to remain connected, lingering, preparing to make that offer.


Art work, accessories, one large floral arrangement

Kitchen Countertops

2 bathrooms
25 professional photos sized for the MLS
Once listed, social media sharing

How it works:  A signed contract is secured and payment received. On the scheduled day, Foxy Interiors arrives with a few staging props to showcase the property. The props remain in place based on the term selected. Professional photos will be taken and are provided to the realtor within
1 – 2 business days.

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