Our Staging Statistics

National statistics show that professionally staged homes sell 72% faster. This slashes time on market from 100 days down to 28 days. Foxy Interiors Home Staging & Photography’s statistics show our staged homes sell 79% quicker averaging 21 days on market or less (our detailed statistics are shown below). We help homeowners and investors maximize their selling price by selling quickly and not suffering price reductions. The first two weeks of a listing are the prime time to capture buyer’s attention.

With a marketing plan to stage homes to the price point, buyer demographic and architecture, our professionally staged homes sell at listing price or above. The National Association of Realtors advised in a past report that it could be as much as 10-15% higher prices. Home Gain cited home staging could bring nearly 200% return on the investment.

daytona beach home staging savings calculator

MLS # Service Days Until Contract Percentage of List Price
MFRMLS #O5419630 Consultation w/Report and Photography 1 100%
MFRMLS #A4125778 Verbal Consultation 3 94%
MFRMLS #O5428702 Photography 13 99%
MFRMLS #O5427926 Space Warmer Staging & Photography 30 100%
MFRMLS #O5426451 Photography 31 98%
MFRMLS #O5435082 Space Warmer Staging & Photography 40 98%
MFRMLS #V4710348 Key Room Staging & Photography 41 102%
MFRMLS #05478458 Space Warmer Staging & Photography 5 100%
Average 21 99%