Why Stage Your Home

Have you ever asked: Why should I stage my home? How can I get more money in my pocket when I sell our home? What is the fastest way to sell our house? What is home staging?

Did you know “home staging” is not “decorating”. Home staging is merchandising a product for sale so that it visually appeals to the buyer demographic.  If you’re interested in selling quickly and moving on with your life, you’ll want to market your house using home staging techniques.

RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), the trade association for professional home stagers, collects and analyzes data annually to determine number of days on market for staged homes vs. non-staged homes.  In the info graphic below, homes that were staged prior to going on the market sold on average in 21 days! Thats an amazing statistic!  Follow the example below under “Home Staging Savings Calculator” to compute your personal savings.  Sell quickly and retain your equity with a home staging investment! You and your family are worth it.


Home Gain offers statistics gathered from the real estate community for both selling and dwelling and presents your return on investment in an easy to understand chart.

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To learn more, check out NARs 2015 Home Staging Infographic which captures home staging statistics at-a-glance.