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Real Estate Photography Tips – Curb Appeal

Real Estate Photography Tips - Curb Appeal

When you’re selling your Orlando or Daytona Beach real estate, the first open house happens on the internet. Listing photos should be taken by a professional for the best outcome. Photos sell homes and the most important photo is your house’s exterior shot that is associated with your MLS listing. This is the photo that entices buyers to look through the remaining photos of the house.

Today’s topic is curb appeal and why it’s so important. Curb appeal is the very first impression of your home. If it looks like a jungle on the outside, it screams unkempt on the inside. It’s a quick way to scare buyers away from looking further. This is true both in person and at your listing photos on the internet.

Curb Appeal Tips to be Completed Before the Photographer Arrives

  • Add colorful flowers, fresh mulch to the beds.
  • Prune dead limbs and remove them from trees.
  • Paint the porch as this is the first area that says “welcome home”.
  • Make sure the house numbers can be easily seen. Use a permanent black marker if necessary.
  • Sweep walkways and driveway.
  • Clean up oil spills on concrete.
  • Fill in any concrete gaps with filler if they have cracked.

Curb Appeal Tips the Day of Photographer's Arrival

  • Remove clutter, put away toys and tools.
  • Put away trash cans preferably inside the garage so they won’t be captured in the photos.
  • Park cars away from the house if they won’t fit in the garage.
  • Close the garage door and all exterior windows and doors.
  • Turn on all interior and exterior lights.

DIY Tips for Exterior House Photos


Although DIY photography is not encouraged, if you decide to go that route, here are photography tips for shooting the exterior of the house.

  • Keep the sun at your back.
  • Use a tripod to keep your camera level and your photos straight.
  • Look for window and shiny surface glare. Re-arrange your angle if needed.
  • Frame your best front exterior shot. The front angle opposite the driveway may give you the best photo because it will show more of the landscape and house rather than the driveway and garage.
  • Shoot as many photos as you can without obstructions such as trees, poles, bushes. If you have unsightly cell phone towers, water treatment plants or the like, keep them out of the photos.
  • When composing photos, put yourself in the buyer’s place and capture great features of the house such as porches, swings, swimming pools, decorative landscaping or sidewalks, a new roof, gazebo, outdoor kitchen.

Thanks for dropping by and reading Real Estate Photography Tips  – Curb Appeal. I hope these tips will help you in getting ready for your photo shoot and in taking pictures. Again, though, I do recommend hiring a professional photographer to sell your Orlando and Daytona Beach real estate.