Redesign on a Budget

Redesign on a Budget

Pardon Our Dust as they say: Jim and I have been working a remodel.  What began as a simple “let’s repaint the interior honey” evolved into a remodel. No surprise here as Jim loves projects and I like dreaming them up (smiles). We’re nearing completion and then I’ll share all the before and after photos. For now though, here’s a few of the additional projects we’ve worked on besides the painting.

Builder grade homes – unless they’re custom – come plain Jane with minimal storage space. You get the bare essentials to function.  This house lacked storage space for the brooms, dustpan, vacuum cleaner and shampooer.  Jim constructed a built-in broom closet to accommodate these items.  He did a fantastic job and it looks like it’s always been there as part of the home.

home stager - photographer - Orlando - Daytona Beach - broom closet

The dining chairs needed to be freshened up, and they got a new look too. The old seats were dismantled and the covers removed.  The new fabric is a fresh, fun and trendy peacock blue print.  Take note of all the separate colors in this fabric as this is the source of inspiration for the entire re-design.  There’s light blueberry, peacock blue, ivory, military green, and red.

home stager - photographer - Orlando - Daytona Beach - recovering seat cushions

We picked up a couple bar stools for $10 at a local garage sale. They were very lackluster and we wanted to add wow factor to our re-design.  A fresh coat of candy apple red spray paint was applied.  We achieved the look we were going for and it helps that Jim is a master at spray painting making sure every little nook and cranny is covered.  If we get asked one more time by the self-checkout if we’re over 18 though, I think I’m going to flip my lid.  We’ve purchased a total of nine cans of spray paint on a few different trips to Wal-Mart (smiles). Spray paint can invigorate new life into a lot of different items with different textures. Don’t fear it; let it be your friend.

home stager - photographer - Orlando - Daytona Beach - using red spray paint

In that all the hardware found in the home is brushed nickel, the foyer light fixture outlined in the dated gold had to go. A sparkly new light fixture (luminaire) with a bazillion crystals was hung.  This on-trend light fixture casts prisms (rainbows) on the walls in the darkness.  I’m really happy with this purchase because it’s such a pretty by day, and interesting by night light fixture.

home stager - photographer - Orlando - Daytona Beach - crystal light pendants

In addition to the above, all the electrical switches and switch plates have been changed out from ivory to white; new crown molding has been installed, along with all the kitchen cabinets, drawers and island being refinished in white Cabinet Transformations. We’ve gone from the cave to light and bright.  I’m so excited about this entire redesign – It’s like being in a brand new home.

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