Should you Mix Metals in the Bathroom?

Blog Update

My how things change over time. I originally wrote the blog “Mixed Metals in the Bathroom – Should You or Should You Not?” six years ago. Wow, so let’s fast forward to 2020 (our favorite year of all). Mixing metals are completely trending — even on the same faucet and throughout the house. Go for mixing finishes! Check out some of the fixture finishes that Lowe’s carries.

Bathroom Remodeling and Fixture Finishes

Are you considering a bathroom remodel?  How do you decide which elements should be in what finishes?  If you have a bathroom which contains shiny chrome faucets in the tub as well as the shower head, should you deviate from these finishes and start mixing your metals in the bathroom for shower hooks, cabinet knobs, mirrors and the sink?

I’ve provided two photos below.  In one example, it has mixed metal finishes of shiny chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and chrome with gold in the sink faucet.  The second example is shiny chrome and brushed nickel.  Which one do you like better?  Is it the mixed metals or the silver found in all elements?

Example of mixed bathroom finishes
Fixture finishes all brushed nickel

Recommendation for Fixture Finishes in the Bathroom

In a small bathroom, when you stand at the door and can see the entire room, I highly recommend having all your metals in the same finish.  Your fixtures will unify the space and a cohesive look will be achieved. In a larger space, you might be able to pull it off because there is separation amongst the room.  You can also bring in accessories to pull the look together.  For all intent purposes though, I recommend one finish for one room.  I personally just think it takes on a cleaner look.

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