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The Best Way to Display Wall Art

How to Display Wall Art You’ve Collected

It can be challenging to figure out how to group or display wall art pieces you’ve collected over the years. Which ones can you hang in the same space? Can you use some to create a gallery wall?

The good news is that just like other elements in design, there are rules to keep in mind as you decide which pieces you want to display and where they belong.

What do your artwork pieces have in common? Organizing them according to similarities can help you decide which to display together in a single space. Consider the themes in the rooms of your space, too. Wall art should align with the color scheme, and frame styles should enhance the style of the space, not clash with it.

There are several great ways to display wall art: group them by theme; group them by color; group them by frame style or color; or group them by size. Another great way to display multiple artwork pieces together is to create a gallery wall.

Group by Theme

Organizing your artwork by theme is a great way to use art to tell a story. Show off the places you’ve traveled. Create a focal point using beautiful images of your friends and family. Show off the posters from Broadway performances you’ve attended. These types of collections are very personal and specific to your experiences. They make great conversation pieces when you have visitors.

Group by Dominant Color

Another key way to organize your artwork is to group pieces by their dominant colors. Warm, bright colors add cheerfulness and energy to a room. Cool, soft colors can infuse a space with a sense of calm. A series of black and white images deliver a sophisticated look. Think about the feel of the space where you want to display your pieces. Which pieces support the vibe of the room?

The dominant colors in the artwork should also match the dominant or accent colors in the space where you display them. Otherwise, the wall art will compete with the other elements in the room or outright clash with them.

Group by Frame Color or Type

Are your frames wood or metal? Chunky or slender? It’s not impossible to mismatch for a fun, eclectic display, but grouping similar frames together allows the artwork to be the star of the display.

Also consider the design style in the room where you’re displaying these pieces. Metal frames will be more suited to display in a room with a sleek, modern style.

Group by Size

A series of frames of the same size makes a beautiful display, especially over a long piece of furniture such as a couch or sideboard. It also creates a sense of repetition, which draws our eyes and creates a sense of harmony.

You can also use artwork in frames of the same size to create a grid like the one in this Better Homes and Gardens roundup.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to display wall art, however, creating one does have some rules you should know before getting started. Your eye will treat a gallery wall as one object, so the center of the display should still be at eye level, or about 57 to 60 inches from the floor.

Map out your display before you begin hanging it on the wall. It may be helpful to cut pieces of brown paper to the size of the frames you’ll display or create rectangles of painter’s tape to show where the frames would go.

Space your objects evenly, and place them close together, with about three inches between objects.

Get Professional Help to Create a Beautiful Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall can be a challenging task. When done well, a gallery wall can be a very personal, eye-catching statement in a room. If you’re having trouble putting together the gallery wall your room deserves, hiring a professional, like Foxy Interiors will give you the breakthrough you need. Contact me today and schedule an online consultation.