Kitchen Home Improvements for Oviedo Homeowners

Walk and Talk Consultation

If you’re thinking of selling your home or your home has lingered on the market, perhaps you only need a walk and talk staging consultation. A home staging consultation benefits the homeowner by providing guidance to increase the marketability of the home. This valued service proves beneficial for homes at any price point. With this service, you receive a customized list of items that need addressing. Foxy Interiors does not use a cookie-cutter list to go by as each home is unique in its qualities and architectural features. Foxy Interiors visits your home and we walk around together while you take notes. As the homeowner, what is recommended by Foxy Interiors is more memorable if you are the one recording or scribing our conversation. We want to help you be successful in selling your home.

Our verbal consultation covers paint colors; we have the complete line of Sherwin-Williams color library. We will work with you to develop a plan for furniture configuration – even in those spaces you’ve had difficulty with before. We select inventory from pieces you already own and identify what can be used to stage your home. You will also be provided with a list of suggested purchases for staging your home. You’ll be able to take these new items with you to your new home, so you’re not out any money “renting” inventory.  We’ll talk about outdoor spaces and lighting. As a third set of eyes, any glaring repairs that need to be made will be pointed out. We’ll have a discussion about how to ‘live’ in your home while it is being marketed.

Recommendations for Kitchen Home Improvements

These homeowners had numerous recommendations made by Foxy Interiors.


• This dark and dated kitchen first needed to be decluttered and a home found for everything not in current use. It’s easiest to begin packing at this point. After all, your intention is to move.

• The pickled oak cabinets were not doing the beautiful black granite counter tops justice. Refinishing the cabinets to a high gloss white would create fabulous contrast to make the granite stand out.

• The peach walls no longer fit into the modern look we were trying to achieve. The buyer demographic for this area is 34 to 40. Light gray was recommended as the color of choice.

• This home had 10’ ceiling going up to 14’ at the peak. A beautiful tapestry was hung above the cabinets; but because it was not at eye level, it could not be seen properly so it was removed. Other items were placed on top of the cabinets which also could not be seen, so they were taken down as well. Because of the tall ceilings and to reduce visual height, 5” crown molding was added to the top of the cabinets.

• This particular home was 18 years old and the hardware needed updating. A recommendation of brushed nickel hardware, as well as an updated light fixture was made. We made those purchases through Home Depot.

• Removal of the wire shutters and out-of-date valance were suggested. The swimming pool is right outside this window and the view was too enticing not to show.

After Photos of Kitchen Update


As you can see from these kitchen recommendations, staging isn’t just decluttering and cleaning to prepare for the open house. Changes are recommended that will bring you the most return on investment and help you sell your home for top dollar.

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