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Using Water Colors in Your Design

What Are The Water Colors

Water Colors remind us of colors found globally in or near the water. They are found in the ocean, lakes, waterfalls, seas near and far. They are the many shades of blue, the many shades of green, mixed with each other, or with black (to create a shade) or with white (to create a tint). When you think of colors found in our waters, you’ve discovered water colors.

How Should I Use Blue in My Design

There are many ways of using blue in your interior design. Blue may be used inside, outside, or as decorative accents. Some ways to use blue in your design include:  An accent wall, kitchen cabinets, under the kitchen island, the band of a tray ceiling, accent chairs, an exterior paint color. 

Choosing Water Color Paint Colors

If you have decided to bring paint into your design, decide on the area. Next make sure you’re using the right paint for the application. That is, if you’re painting cabinets, there is a definitive process to follow. Check with your local store for help in making your selections. Below are several blue hues that I personally like. Click on each color to bring up its color number and color name.