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My husband Jim and I went on an impromptu trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is about four hours away. Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of the Americas with its many canals. Our first night there, we took a stroll down to ride the Water Taxi and took a leisurely boat ride for the evening.  We learned about the neighborhood and who owned which home and which yacht.  It was a cool breezy evening and the lovely owners along the way waved to us in a friendly manner as they, too, were enjoying the evening.

The highlight of our trip was on the second day though.  Have you ever wondered where interior designers source for their beautiful creations?  For many years, prior to my attending Seminole State College to learn about interior design, I spent a lot of time reading Architectural Digest and Florida Design magazines.  A good majority of the articles referenced DCOTA, the Design Center of the Americas, as the source for the objects d’art, fabrics and materials found in the magazines’ beautiful designs.




Cowtan and Tout Vignette

Cowtan and Tout Vignette

gilted furniture

Gilted Furniture

DCOTA has been in Fort Lauderdale (Dania) for about 30 years.  The building complex has four floors, two of which are design store fronts.  The remaining floors are either vacant or leased as office space.  The fall of the economy left many companies no choice but to close.  Even with what remains, the interior design of this building complex is stellar.  I especially love the Brazilian tigerwood.  Here are a couple photos.

Brazallian Tigerwood

DCOTA Interior – Brazalian Tigerwood

DCOTA interior

Angle Shot of DCOTA Interior

There were two stores in particular that caught my attention:  Eggersmann USA and PPM Collections.  Eggersmann, which origins in Germany, had fabulous kitchen cabinets as well as closet configurations.  Eggersmann kitchen cabinets are unique in that the cupboard doors open like mini garage doors, a very cool concept.  I’m sure this reduces the damage of running into the corners of cabinet doors with your head and prevents many injuries because the cabinet doors are above you.  Eggersmann’s work is all custom; you select the finishes desired for your project. Aren’t they just stunning?

Eggersmann Cabinets

Open Eggersmann Cabinets


Eggersmann Cabinets

Closed Eggersmann Cabinets














PPM Collections had a vast array of luminaries (lighting), furniture and accessories.  The David Trubridge Lighting Collection captivated my attention.  I briefly spoke to Corey Williams at PPM Collections.  He was very helpful and provided literature so that I could learn more about David Trubridge’s lighting collection.  Of Mr. Trubridge’s collection, Nikau is my favorite.  Here is an excerpt from Mr. Trubridge’s web page so that you can learn more about this interesting luminary (light).

“Nikau (2005/2013) is the only indigenous palm tree in New Zealand, named apparently because unlike the coconut palm familiar to Polynesians, it has no nuts. The fronds from the palm were traditionally used for thatching and weaving. It has a large bulb at the top of its trunk and its leaves overlap in the criss-cross patterns which inspired this light.”

David Trubridge Lighting Collection

David Trubridge Lighting Collection


I hope you have found these photos of beautiful designs to be of interest.  I certainly did and am looking forward to our next trip to south Florida.

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